How To Select Crop Tops For Every Body Shape

How To Select Crop Tops For Every Body Shape

How To Select Crop Tops For Every Body Shape.

Crop tops are great in theory, but not always so easy to incorporate into your daily life. We don’t think its an exaggeration t0 say that crop tops are probably the most anxiety-inducing summer wardrobe piece. Although they are very trendy, many women have an undeniable hesitation that they just won’t work for her body type. But no worries – we are here to squash those fears and show you that whether you are long and lean, fit and trim, or pear-shaped and curvy, there’s a crop top out there made just f0r you. Keep reading for tips on how every b0dy shape can really rock a crop top this summer!

  1. Your length and Lean.

One the most important factors in learning how to wear crop tops is getting the length right. Different styles of crop tops can be better suited to different body shapes and silhouettes.

Crop Tops For lengthy gir

  1. Don’t Over Expose.

When pairing your crop top with your favorite summer jeans or skirt you can very easily expose more than necessary. Avoid picking pieces that will reveal your belly button. Be careful – you don’t want to turn your sophisticated, feminine look into a cheap and overly exposed outfit. Try wearing high-waisted bottoms which minimize the amount of skin on show are great for defining your waistline.

  1. Curvy.

If anyone has shown the world that curvy girls can (and should) wear crop tops, it’s Kim Kardashian. She’s walking proof that a crop top really is the perfect way to show off your assets, curvy ladies. The best tactic: a crop top that hits right at your true waist, paired with a body-con pencil skirt that hits just below your knees.

  1. Crop Tops for Plus-Size Women.

Women with plus-sized body have a misconception that they can’t really carry crop tops with perfect elegance and style. But as said, it is a misconception that shouldn’t exist. A short top paired with a high-waist skirt or pant can add a sizzling style to your wardrobe. You can also spruce up your looks with a stylish jacket worn over the top.

  1. Crop Tops for Women with Broad Shoulders.

If you are not so sure about carrying the crop tops while having wide shoulders. A V-neck or scoop neck will make people look vertically instead of straight across. Team it up with a fuller skirt and you are ready to flaunt the look.


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