How Sell Your Used Car

How Sell Your Used Car

The process of selling a car is not as complicated as one thinks. Here are simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash. How sell your used car follow these basic steps: –

1. Pricing.

Your first step is to check on-line classified ads to see how much other sellers are asking for your type of car. Keep in mind that dealers will have different prices than private party listings.  if you are pricing your car above the market, make sure you explain why; are you selling it with accessories that weren’t standard? List any extras your car has to ensure it isn’t overlooked by potential buyers.

2. Sell the Car Yourself. 

To fetch the best possible price sell call yourself. Private sales, in nearly all transactions, generate the maximum. Agents charge high brokerage fees (typically 2% of the selling price) while dealers will offer you a low price (only to profit from selling your car at a higher rate later). 

3. Know The Vehicle History.

It’s quite surprising how often this is left out in private sales. Although it is in the best interest of the buyer to do this, having a private seller than can pull a current history report of the car they’re selling adds to the seller’s credibility, and gives the buyer a reason to trust that the seller is portraying everything honestly.

4. Your Car Should Look Best.

Either take the time to clean the inside and out and keep it clean throughout the time you’re trying to sell it. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to do the dirty work yourself, engage a mobile car detailer to give your car a thorough clean on the inside and out. Like selling a house, presentation is everything and will help you get a little extra money for your car.

5. Paperwork in Order.

Make sure you’ve had your car recently serviced and that any minor faults have been fixed before you list your car for sale. If you haven’t, make sure you inform potential buyers of any faults the car has that you’re not prepared to have fixed – you’ll probably have to adjust the price down. Also sure your cars had 12 months registration on them before selling, because I think that makes them more attractive to a buyer, but you don’t have to do that. Again, be honest about the amount of registration remaining when asked.

6. Don’t Buckle On The Price.

If your car is desirable enough, you’ll have people practically knocking your door down to buy it. It’s important that you choose a price that’s realistic, based on market value.

If your price is negotiable, inflate it by 10 percent, with a “Best Offer” option. That way the buyer feels like they saved some money and the seller gets the most for their car. It’s win-win, which is the best way to approach a transaction in general.

7. Provide Receipt. 

Once you’ve agreed on a price and the buyer has committed to buying the car from you, then provide them with a receipt stating the car is being ‘sold as seen’. Make sure you keep a signed copy for yourself.


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