Five tips to prepare your vehicle for the winters

Five tips to prepare your vehicle for the winters

Five tips to prepare your vehicle for the winters

Getting stranded or having an accident in cold, wintry weather can be dangerous for everyone involved, so here are five key ways to minimize your chances of a breakdown or an accident this winter.

Keep a Winter Kit For Your Car.

This is a simple and must have item for winter drivers. A winter supply kit is like a first aid kit for your car that should stay in your vehicle all winter. It usually contains items, such as blankets, a change of very warm clothes, a road flare, a backup cell phone and some emergency food rations (like nuts or jerky). Those things can keep you warm and keep you fed for a day or two if needed, and the flare can attract the attention of roadside help.

Get Your Oil Changed.

Always make sure to check your oil.  Engine coolant and anti-freeze protects your engine from freezing overnight. You can pick up an anti-freeze tester at your local auto shop. These are cheap and you can use it to check your fluids freezing point to determine the correct amount of coolant mix needed. 

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure.

Your  tires need different levels of pressure for different seasons. This holds especially true for the winter. Your vehicles manual will have the proper pressure level for the winter season in it. Too much air pressure may not be ideal as the tires become stiff in the cold and could lessen the size of the contact patch that touches the pavement. Too little pressure isn’t great either because it takes power off of the wheels. Stick to what the vehicle manufacturer states in its documentation for best results.

Defogging window

Foggy windows can haunt you every time you sit in the vehicle in the winter season. Car windows usually get fogged up when there is a difference in temperature inside and outside. In order to defog the windows you may direct the draft of the fan towards the windscreen and increase temperature of the blower and simultaneously switch on the AC. The dual effect of the AC and heater directed towards the windscreen will keep the windows clear and keep the car warm and cosy for a comfortable drive.

Check on Your Battery

It’s wise to give your battery the once over before the temperature drops below zero – the last thing you want is to have to jump start your vehicle in the middle of a snowstorm.  Take note on whether the connections are corroded and that the water levels are right. A car battery is said to last about four years, so if you’re approaching that timeline, be on the safe side and bring it in to get tested.


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