6 Basic Tech Skills You Should Know to Make Your Life Better

6 Basic Tech Skills You Should Know to Make Your Life Better

There’s nothing imaginable that can be done easily without the use of technology. While computers and phones will work for you even without these basic tech skills, having them will ensure your privacy, your security, and will make your day-to-day experience as smooth and easy as it can be.

1. Secure Your WiFi with a Unique Password.


Internet connectivity is the source of all attacks, secure it with a password. a simple password protection is not that secure, and any real hacker can break it easily, but these passwords work in most cases. So try to secure your Wifi with a unique password (with combination of special character, symbol, digit number and alphabetic).

2. Backup of Your Data.


No matter how you use your PC, Laptop, phone, or tablet, you must have a good, solid backup solution, at least for the really important things. You can store your data in many ways like:-

  • An external hard drive. 
  • A network-attached hard drive.
  • Cloud storage.
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.

3. Learn How to Use E-mail.


If you don’t know what to do when you send a mass email? how to recognize spam? How to links and attachments comfortably? Then these are things you should know how to do.

When emailing a group of people, enter all the addresses in the BCC field, unless you know for sure these people don’t mind if others in the group see their address. This way, everyone will receive the email, but no one will be able to see anyone’s address but yours.

When you get an email with a link or an attachment, and that’s any email, read it carefully to make sure you really know where it came from. Even if you recognize the name and address, you want to be sure the content makes sense to you. If you are not not sure? Then don’t open it.

If you want to include links in your email, the best way to do it is to highlight some text, find the “insert hyperlink” option, and paste the address there. This way, the email is much easier read and the links easier to follow.

4. Protect Your Devices from Malware.


If you don’t have an updated anti-virus program installed then get one right now. Viruses and malware are getting ever sneakier, and you don’t want to remain unprotected.

5. How to Touch Typing.


The best way to improve your typing is, definitely practice, but if typing is a really slow and cumbersome process for you, you might avoid it as much as you can. There are many softwares and even games that can help you to improve you typing skills. These have different languages, speed tests, typing lessons, and much more.

6. You Should Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts.


You don’t really need keyboard shortcuts in order to get by, but once you learn just a handful of them, you won’t understand how you ever made do without them. Assuming you already use Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste, what other basic shortcuts should you know about?

  • Ctrl-X – for cut .
  • Ctrl-Z –  for undo.
  • Ctrl-Y – for redo (brings back what you undid by mistake).
  • Ctrl-Backspace – deletes and entire word instead of letter by letter.
  • J and K – are used on many interfaces, such as email, for browsing up and down a list.
  • WinKey-L – locks your PC (make sure you know your password before doing this).


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