5 Interesting Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

5 Interesting Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

5 Interesting Facts About Avengers: Infinity War

Script Was Not Allowed To Tom Holland

tom holand

Tom Holland (Peter) was not allowed to read the script of Avengers: Infinity War since he revealed too many secrets for Spider-Man Homecoming (2017).

Africa In Georgia


Scenes that was taken place in Wakanda, the fictional African country that served as the setting of Black Panther, were filmed in Atlanta. Additional filming locations include Queens, New York, as well as several locations in Scotland. But most of Infinity War was filmed in Georgia, just like The Walking Dead. Time for a crossover.

Thanos And Stones

thanos and stones

One of the early drafts of the script saw Thanos collect the Power Stone from Xandar, but the directors finally decided not to show him collecting each stone because it would be too repetitive.

Final Battle


The directors weren’t sure about setting the final battle in Wakanda. But after the success of Black Panther (2018), they knew they made the right choice.

Tony Stark Beat Ebony Maw

The directors couldn’t figure out how to make Tony Stark beat Ebony Maw aboard the spaceship, so they looked to Raiders of the Lost Ark again as inspiration. Stark in the end wins by blowing a hole in the side of the spaceship, which sucks Maw out.


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