5 Apps to Help Monitor Your Health

5 Apps to Help Monitor Your Health

Your smartphone or tablet can help you stay healthy in ways you may not have imagined. Today’s mobile devices and tables are designed to provide us with instant feedback on all the issues that we care about the most, so it’s no surprise that medical and health-related apps are some of the most popular downloads.

1. HealthTap.

It will give you immediate answers to all your health questions from qualified doctors right there on your smartphone. HealthTap lets you talk to a doctor, share photos or test results and get immediate answers. HealthTap also comes with a library of information on common ailments, so you can be better at spotting symptoms and picking the best remedy. And if you are looking for even more care, you can choose the prime membership ($99 per month), which allows you unlimited video and text chatting with doctors.

2. White Eye Detector.

Like red-eye, a white pupil seen in photos of children could be nothing more than a camera effect. But it can also sometimes be the sign of serious eye diseases, such as retinoblastoma or a pediatric cataract. The White Eye Detector app searches your camera roll for photos with white eye so you can review for yourself. The app also gives full reports for the findings and helps with further research on automated white eye detection.

3. Motion Traxx.

Listening to music can be the perfect way to add extra oomph to your workout, but crafting the perfect playlist is tricky. That’s where Motion Traxx comes in. The app combines coaching from world-class trainers with music designed to set the perfect intensity for every phase of your workout.

4. Doctor on Demand.

Whether you have a medical question or you are in desperate need of a prescription for a case of the flu, Doctor on Demand provides access to 1,400 board-certified doctors, so you can get a trustworthy medical opinion. You can actually set up video-call appointments with a physician, too.

5. Quit Smoking Pro.

Your own personal quit smoking  app to help you finally kick the habit forever. Quit Smoking Pro helps you set targets, tells you how much money you have saved, gives you important health facts, and provides a constant stream of motivational messages to keep you on track. You can even share your goals and achievements with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.


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