10 Safest Places Every Woman Should Travel To Alone

10 Safest Places Every Woman Should Travel To Alone

It can be incredibly dangerous for a woman to travel alone. Every year we hear news about sexual assaults on women who have been vacationing. It’s not only the physical attacks that make traveling alone as a female dangerous. Some places will try and take advantage of the lone traveler, charging them more money than other people. Hotel room theft and pickpocketing are also easier if the person is alone.

However much we wish that the whole world would be a safe place for women, it is not so and won’t be for some time to come. But that doesn’t mean that a woman shouldn’t travel alone. There are some countries which should be avoided altogether because of their dismal record in women’s safety. Here are 10 such countries which are relatively safe and absolutely gorgeous.



Though some of the other Indonesian islands can be more conservative, intercultural Bali is a great and accepting place to travel on one’s own.  Temples, yoga, relaxing beaches and inexpensive food & accommodation are just a few reasons why Bali is the ultimate places for female to travel alone. There are many carved temple sites to explore, including the famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  You will be so busy unwinding and soaking up the Balinese culture that you’ll forget that you are traveling alone.



Even though Iceland’s nickname of “The Land of Fire & Ice” sounds intimidating, alone travel for women is totally comfortable and easy here. The city of Reykjavik is famous for its music scene and nightlife, so you’ll have no problem meeting locals and fellow travelers. There are many reasons to visit Iceland but it’s her natural beauty that steals the show. Join a tour and snorkel the Silfra Fissure or hike a glacier. And don’t miss a bath at the beautiful Blue Lagoon!



The Country of Denmark (commonly referred to as Scandinavia) have some of the most progressive gender-equality policies in the world, but they also happen to have incredibly low crime rates. Visit the Fjords in Norway, hike and camp without reproach thanks to Sweden’s Right to Public Access, and make sure to book a hotel with skylights while in Lapland so you can enjoy the Northern Lights and glowing midnight sun.



The list  the best places to travel alone for women will not complete without the inclusion of Singapore. Friendly, safe and supremely clean, this Southeast Asian hub enraptures female solo travelers with its incredible shopping opportunities, mouthwatering cuisines, and mash-up of cultures.



This country in the west of the United Kingdom has an amazing landscape and an even more amazing cultural history. If you’re interested in the King Arthur mythology, you’ll find a number of important sites from those texts. If you’re into outdoor sports, try a solo hike on the Pembrokeshire coast. Cardiff, the capitol, also offers a number of theaters   museums, sports arenas, and shopping centers.



Palawan is one of the most alluring and admirable place to visit in the Philippines, is a majestic tropical hub brimming with spectacular natural wonders, such as its towering limestone cliffs, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, Coron Islands and Kayangan Lake. To make things even better, the people in Palawan are rather friendly and approachable.


The large backpacking culture here means hostels, bars, and restaurants are familiar with solo travellers — but if you’re looking for the opportunity to make other traveling friends, this is one of the best places to do so.



Hong Kong is one of world’s biggest and busiest cities in China. It is a great destination to relax, as it is full of Zen-like experiences, such as Tai Chi classes and beautiful gardens. In addition, it often regarded as one the safest cities in the world, which makes it a perfect Asian getaway spot for female solo travellers.



Canada’s cities are modern metropolises, but locals (and visitors) love that even in the heart of urban living, you’re never too far from nature. Everywhere you go in Canada, you’ll be surrounded by multiculturalism and some of the most breathtaking landscapes you have ever seen. Canadians have a reputation for being the friendliest people in the world and, while traveling alone here, you’ll see why!



Rajasthan is an astonishing introduction to India, for ladies who are traveling alone. Dubbed as the “Land of Kings”, this wonderland is brimming with historic treasures like palaces and forts. it’s quite easy to travel between the major sites of Jaisalmer, Jodphur, Jaipur and Udaipur. Spend time on the back of a camel in the desert, and don’t miss Pushjar’s Camel Fair, which is held in October or November.



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