10 important things you don’t know about your car

10 important things you don’t know about your car

10 important things you don’t know about your car:- 

1. Heater/Defroster.

The heater/defroster in your vehicle draws its heat from the circulation of hot engine coolant. If you smell a sweet, syrupy odor inside the vehicle or spot a greasy mist on the inside of the window, there may be a leak in the heater core. Have it checked out.

2. Using fog lights when it isn’t foggy.

This is largely targeted at the elderly. The clue is in the name: fog lights should be used when it is foggy, not when there’s a light drizzle. Just because you lost your eyesight years ago and can’t see other road users, doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

3. Unlocking your car by pointing the remote at it

Pointing your remote at the car is not the most effective way to use it. Pointing it at your head will amplify the signal, meaning you can unlock the car from further away. And we all know the further from your car you unlock it, the cooler you are.

4. When your car too hot inside.

Most people don’t realize that the gas gauge in your car actually tells you what side of the car your gas cap is on. If your car is too hot, open the drivers side window and then open and close the passenger side door 5-10 times in order to decrease the temperature inside the car by about 5-10 degrees.

5. Learn to change your own oil.

You knew this was coming. If you have the right tools and a little patience, you really can learn how to perform this basic automotive task. It saves you money over the long haul, too. Note: Stick to the 3,000 mile oil change rule, even if you hear modern cars can go twice as long. By keeping clean oil in engines (especially the little turbo-charged four cylinders we’re seeing so much of these days), today’s rides can easily run past, 100,000 miles.

6. You’re cleaning your tinted windows with Windex.

Car Maintenance

Windex has ammonia in it, and if it comes in contact with the tint film on your car’s windows, it will discolor it. Use a dedicated automotive window cleaner instead. If you’ve ever seen someone driving down the road with purple tinted windows, it’s fair to assume they sprayed some Windex on it.

7. You’re not slowing down for speed bumps or potholes.

This will absolutely destroy the life of your shocks and can lead to other damage to the car’s undercarriage. Most People don’t do that.


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